Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lost in the addiction

Comfortable clothes decorated in the images of the surrounding landscape. Slow breezes filling my ears with rushing as the sounds of millions of leaves flip and tap lightly against one and other. Sweet aromas of bitter acorns, damp leaves red clay, pine and cedar fill my nose with an array of fresh and ever changing smells. Vibrant colors capture my eyes with blazing reds, brilliant greens, varying shades of yellows, grays, oranges and browns.A sense of peacefulness and belonging settles in my mind. Busy and unpleasant thoughts escape from my mind as clear and relaxed thinking takes over. Studying of landscape intensifies and movement slows to nothing. Eyes lock in on out of the ordinary movement while seeking particular colors.Ears seek sounds of movement and changes in birds and squirrels tones and responses. It's bow season and I'm lost in the addiction

Written by vaoutdoorsman aka Hampton Brewer








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