Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ticks a real concern for any outdoorsman

As a young man I spent many carelessly summer days walking through tall grass as I made my way to creeks, rivers, ponds and my favorite woodland rests. Ticks were always part of the outdoors for me and since I hated bug spray I often avoided it at all costs. I would just pull the ticks off and go on my way. I will admit a few walks through large patches of seed ticks made for some very unpleasant removals but none the less I had always looked at it as part of nature.

I can remember my grandfather pulling ticks off his hunting dog’s ears in his living room. He would often burn them with matches as he watched television and talked over the day's events. We were never afraid of them or concerned with anything other than just removing them.

Last year I was bit by a tick and had a circle swell up around the bite. I was wise enough to get to the doctor and was treated for lyme disease. So far my tests have remained negative. I have changed my original view points of the pests and now make a better effort to prepare for them. I now wear bug spray when entering the woods and try to wear light colored cloths so they can be spotted right away. I often wear bug suits usually used for turkey hunting as an added preventative. When I leave the woods I check myself over thoroughly and shower as soon as possible. If you find one stuck in you make sure you remove it as soon as possible and remove it properly. Don't squeeze it by the body but remove in as close to the head as possible. Squeezing the body may only increase the chance of passing something into your blood stream.

Ticks are everywhere and if you’re heading for the woods in the spring and summer you’re sure to encounter them at some point. Be prepared! I have attached a link concerning ticks which came from The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Outdoor Report. You can sign up at their website and receive the Outdoor Report monthly by email. It's a great report which covers a wide variety of items for the outdoors.

Ticks what you need to know:

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